You are a Warrior

About two or three years ago, the girls + I added the “Armor of God” Verses (Ephesians 6:10-18) to our nightly prayer time. It began as a simple addition to our routine, but it has evolved into so much more. We have discussed every line and how they apply to us in daily life.

I don’t say this to impress you, but to impress upon you that the routines you cultivate can help or harm you and those you love. During our nightly prayer time we pray for specific people by name and specific circumstances. We pray that God’s will be done, and ask to be reminded that His ways are greater than anything we can see. We also talk openly about when we wrestle with our faith and trust in God.

When I think about the armor of God and the idea of “battle”, I have to admit that there have been many times that I have tried to make God’s many battles my own. But the truth is that our battle isn’t with any “him or her or them”. It isn’t with people who have wronged us, or who might wrong us or who talk about how we’ve been wronged. You don’t need to fix or explain anything. God knows the truth. The battle isn’t ours. It is God’s.

Our battle is to not let the (sometimes enormous) situations or distractions of this world distract us from our one true task - trusting God to unfold the plans for our lives in His perfect timing, living an honest, integrity- and grace-filled life despite our imperfections and flaws. Loving each moment of our messy seasons and all those flaws that God designed so perfectly in each of us, because He designed it that way. Is it easy? No way. I’ve lived it, I’m living it and every day I ask God for his grace and reminders to keep on.

That’s the true battle, my friends. Living in Grace, rising with Grace and letting God’s words be the words we embody, rather than the words of the world that are often the reflection of another’s hurt, rather than God’s healing. Put on your armor and pray for others. Be a light in their darkness. Have compassion for what you cannot understand. The enemy’s targets aren’t those who open their Bibles once a week on Sunday, but rather those who live in the Word daily. You. Me. Our kids.

Be the warrior you were made to be. The world needs you.❤️

Choosing hope

At church service yesterday, the theme was hope. Not just the empty phrases of “hope you have a good day” or “hope everything works out.” And maybe those “hopes” we have for people are authentic and true. But, oftentimes, those phrases ring empty and are overused. The hope that was discussed yesterday was the real deal. Having faith in God that everything is working out as it should, that’s the real definition of hope. Faith is the assurance of things unseen, so wouldn’t hope then be the implementation of that type of faith?

All this got me thinking about toxic positivity. You know what I’m talking about — the whole extreme mindset of “everything is going to be fine”, the type of positivity that renders fake smiles and leaves no room for authenticity or feelings that are “less than positive”. Toxic positivity is dangerous. That’s not the type of hope I’m taking about here.

I’m encouraging myself and you to have hope that comes from faith in something bigger than ourselves leaves space for authenticity + vulnerability. It holds space for real emotions and acceptance of outcomes.

I began thinking about one of my favorite Bible verses (didn’t you know I have a million😉) . In the book of Ezekiel (verse here) , we read about cities that were “laying in ruin” being rebuilt. They would “become like the garden of Eden”, and “the Lord will do it.”

Think for a second. What circumstance in your life seems “in ruin”. Physical health, relationships, finances, professional? It could be anything on your heart right now. This verse and many like it, show us clearly the HOPE we can have when we put our faith in the unseen outcome. When we hold space for hope and a positive outcome. To put fear aside and embrace hope in all circumstances.

This requires the courage to be vulnerable. To rip your heart wide open and say, “ok I’m willing to hold space for hope, even in the face of uncertainty.” You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To me it doesn’t matter if you put your faith in God/Source/the Universe. Your beliefs are yours. I just want to encourage you to have a belief, a HOPE, in something bigger than you or your circumstances. Having that hope opens you to more courage + love + joy:

Embrace hope - be willing to be brave and remember that you are never alone.

All my love + belief,



You are not alone

Long and vulnerable post, which you could be reading on several different platforms... If you’ve been following on social media, you know I’ve picked up my own devotional, Becoming Unconsumed, to anchor my daily gratitude practice this summer. This daily practice has sparked the completion of this blog, which I’ve been working on for a while. << People ask me all the time, Lynne, why the need for all social media platforms and a website? Books and a blog? >>

My feeling is — you have to meet people where they are at. Some people love social media, others don’t have it at all. Some are online, some love books. When I began this journey many years ago, I realized that women everywhere are in need of safe community to share their stories, triumphs, challenges, and healing. A space for shedding shame and overwhelm, cultivating joy, and laughing so hard tears stream down your face. This community has grown by leaps and bounds over the last three years. On all platforms. Friendships have been made, tears have been shed, love + laughter has filled our moments. And the strings that tie us all together are authenticity, vulnerability, and grace. 

I have a confession to make. In the last few months I have wandered far away from God. Now, the Christian heart in me knows that He didn’t wander away from me. But I wandered from Him. Yes, my faith continued, yes my daily gratitude and prayer + meditation continued. But in the sense of “on the surface”, not the deep relationship and trust I’ve had of God in the past. I wondered how or why He would “allow” my family and I to endure hard and painful circumstances, despite my true belief that everything in our lives is unfolding as it should. Despite my trust that good is always on the way. Despite my understanding that the night is darkest before the morning. I knew these things within my soul, but wrestled with them as applied to my own life. Have you ever been there? Can you relate? 

I have felt like a hypocrite as I support countless friends near and far with their own circumstances. Wondering if they’d see through my own struggle. Wondering if I’d be able to keep my head above water while juggling a million plates. I never abandoned my daily practice of gratitude. I never abandoned prayer for the people I love most. Some days I felt numb. Most days I was confused. Many days I had anger that I could only articulate with the help of some pretty incredible people. People only God knew I would need. 

So why am I telling you this?

Recently I knew I had to wrestle this out. Talk to God. Let him know that while I was still angry, I know he is always working behind the scenes on my behalf. On my family’s behalf. That His plans are greater than ours. And that even though I wrestled with close relationship with Him, I was still showing up daily, choosing faith and love over fear. Day In, day out, even when I didn’t understand.

That’s the beauty of relationship with God. We don’t have to figure it all out. We aren’t ever alone. Ever. The only person that can ever abandon us is ourselves. So if you’re in a tough circumstance today, let me remind you, you are not alone. You are never alone. That’s all we ever really need right? To know we aren’t alone. 

Today I encourage you to practice gratitude, share love and let someone know she is not alone.

Much love, Lynne

Proverbs 16:9

Joshua 1:9

Luke 1:45


Falling back

You’ve done the Soul work and you know all you know. You know about release, forgiveness, trust, new beginnings. I mean you know it. You trust God / Source / the Universe. You really do. You feel amazing when you remind yourself of all you have learned about Universal truths. BUT you fall back into old patterns of behavior and belief. And you wonder why you do it.


Here’s why. 

Ego is not going to let you off the hook so easy. I know, you’re thinking so easy? Nothing about “this”  has been so easy. I get it. I know. But Ego is terrified that it is going to lose its job. Ego’s job is to protect you from the unknown. And often, the Soul knows you have to head into the unknown to fulfill its purpose. Ego doesn’t like this. It tries to use “gotcha” moments, petty arguments, and all sorts of internal reminders about why you shouldn’t forgive, release or trust anything other than it. These reminders of blame, distrust and more cloud up your clear mind. They distract you from your focus and trick you into thinking that maybe you haven’t done the Soul work you thought you did. But that’s all bullshit. You’ve done the work. You know. So what do you do with this Ego that is trying to wreck it all? You acknowledge it, process what it’s saying and let its message and deception go. For good. 



Your Soul knows there there is no safety in Ego. So you let it go. Here’s some practical steps to head in that direction. No matter where you are right now, I promise you — you can and will get there.

1. Journal it out. What are you feeling? Write it down. There’s no way around the pain, the Ego, the resistance. The only way is through. Get a journal out daily, acknowledge the resistance from Ego, write about what you want to feel instead (your Soul’s intentions) and let the resistance go.


2. Make a gratitude list right now. Of your strengths, of situations you have already overcome. Of little moments that have positively led you to this moment. The moment of reflection that shows you that you intend to choose Soul over Ego. 


3. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to choose joy and Soul over Ego! This is a big one! There’s a difference between validating your poor choices and encouraging your continued release of resistance/growth. Don’t delay your Soul’s growth with these kind of people. You know who the encouraging people are, choose them and choose wisely. Meaning — if you wouldn’t trade places with them, don’t take advice from them. You know who your people are. 


4. Give yourself grace and be gentle with your process. Your Ego has been running the show for years and it’s terrified that you’re going to be unsafe if you disregard its warnings to halt growth. Your Ego is going to continue to try and convince you once you continue the Soul work that “this situation” or “this person” will be the solution out of the pain and potential growth. Don’t listen to your Ego, Remember, you’ve got this. You can do it.


5. Continue to choose healthy practices for your body. More sleep, water, exercise, meditation and especially laughter. Less alcohol, drugs, people pleasing, and bad habits.  


You will rise with grace. 

I believe in you. 





[Topic excerpt from my next book, Master Your Happy]

Whose rules are you following? Often we make decisions about situations in our lives based on rules that have been ingrained in us from our upbringing, real-life experiences, societal judgments, or a combination of the three. We have rules that we set for ourselves around finances, work, relationships, and responding or reacting to any sort of circumstances. And do you know what I have discovered? That, often times, those rules make us do or say things that leave us feeling empty and disconnected from Source.

Following rules that others have set, ignoring what we know to be true, completely dishonors our soul. We don't have to believe other people's rules about anything. Rules about work/finances/relationships/life being hard, life being difficult

Here's an example: The unspoken rule that says we need to struggle painfully through what other's might perceive a situation to be instead of deciding to choose grace and love over anxiety and fear. Yes, we have struggles, but how we respond to them, how we choose to believe the "rules" that govern our individual perceptions, reactions, emotions, and lives is up to US. You and me. 


I refuse to let the good (and often well-intentioned) opinions and future-tripping of others impact my soul's confidence to glide through challenges with ease and grace. When we decide that things don't have to be hard, that we can choose ease, positivity, and love, life gets to be so good. Life gets to be easy. Next time you think it is hard, ask yourself, "who says so?"

Choose love over fear, be a love-finder, and rewrite any life rules you're carrying that feel like they were written by someone else for someone other than you. Do what feels good and choose happy.

I believe in you!






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The Secret Sauce

For so long, SO LONG, I thought if I just ate better, exercised more, drank less alcohol, took more/different vitamins, I would stop being short-tempered, overwhelmed, hate my job, tired, hormonal, AND ON AND ON...But guess what? I was so wrong! While changing/reducing/increasing some of the above things did OF COURSE help me feel better, the secret sauce all along was my MINDSET.

Making the daily changes that impacted my mindset the most were the changes that would change me from the inside out. It is always an inside job. It is never circumstances or other people who can impact you the way that your own mindset can. 

Doing professional/volunteer/service work that you know aligns to your soul's purpose to serve this world can have a positive impact on your mindset just the way that exercise, meditation, gratitude and healthy eating can.

In my private FB group I had a great live video on living your soul's purpose last week. (Feel free to check it out here!)

I don't know about you, but I love doing something that LIGHTS ME UP each day, whether it's exercise or positivity time or the career of my dreams. Here’s how you know if your work is soul work ----> If it’s something you’d be willing to still do regardless of getting paid or not, then that’s soul work. Here’s what I know. I have always wanted to be a writer. I have always wanted to share positivity and belief with others. Both those things. Always.

Up until three years ago, I was “kind of” doing it. I was “kind of” doing it because I was completely still consumed with other people’s opinions of me, instead of being consumed with getting into purposeful alignment with my soul’s desires. At that time, I took about 2 years to do some major inner work that impacted every corner of my life. The inner work continues daily. The concern about other people’s opinions does not.

Three years ago I began writing what was to become my first published book, Becoming Unconsumed, which launched in March of this year. This was born out of my ability to step through fear and share my writing (first on my blog) and then in a private community, and finally in a published paperback book!! With the world. I was excited about this new step. It was never about the income and always about the impact. By the time I launched my book, I was also confidently sharing my daily routines for positivity and living with my communities and on Instargram and Facebook live feeds. Women were excited and asking for more. More support and more strategies for every corner of life.

While I have been a teacher (of writing, of course!) as my career for more than a decade and an educator of women in business for years before that, I had never mixed the two to create programming for women. Until now.

After more than a year of coaching women on everything Mindset related and how to make the powerful mindset shifts necessary to uplevel belief and impact in relationships, professional goals and finances, the doors for my Mindset + Breakthrough Academy are NOW open for enrollment!

Module 1 begins on Wednesday August 22 and I’d love to have you there.

The course is a 6 week digital course (which means it’s location independent – you can take it from anywhere in the world, as long as you have wifi!) for driven Mamas who know they are ready to uplevel their mindset!

The secret sauce in any of this thing called “life” is not how much we make or how hard we work. It’s MINDSET. It’s the beliefs we have about ourselves, the Rules we have internalized about everything from relationships to money to work. It’s the people we surround ourselves with. It is our ultimate alignment with love over fear. All of those things are born and bred in our Mindset.

When you listen to your inner voice, you transform. You find your grace. You make your impact.

You become unconsumed.

If you are ready to do the work, and live unconsumed, enroll in MBA.Find more information here. And as always, if you have any questions, let me know!

Much love & belief in your MASSIVE success,



Back to the Mat

 "Prayer is asking, meditating is listening." - Gabby Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back.  



I got onto my yoga mat to practice for the first time in years last night. I have changed, my life has changed, I've even changed careers and sizes a few times.  But yoga, well yoga hasn't changed.


I shed some quiet tears for the first five minutes of the practice realizing all that has taken place on and off that mat over a decade. I started my yoga practice when Lila was seven months old, just about ten years ago now. I've healed through postpartum depression, and had significant growth as a woman in all my many roles, most especially as an individual.


The tears weren't tears of sadness but acknowledgment and gratitude for the power of prayer, meditation, gratitude, reflection, growth, stillness.....and yoga.


I wasn't raised in a church so when it was time to find a church home when we were pregnant for Julia 17 years ago, I didn't have many rules to follow except I knew that I wasn't a part of a specific religion. A friend recommended, "you'll know when a joy springs up in your feet." I thought this was strange, but it sounded interesting so I tucked the idea away in the back of my mind. 


We lived at the "X" in Forest Park at the time, so we checked out Trinity and I felt that joy my friend talked about. Fast forward many years and I became pretty aware of "church rules." Not necessarily Trinity rules but just churchy-rules. Do you know what I mean? Unspoken rules about how to be, dress, act, participate, give. I'm not knocking the rules but in reflection I can see that I embraced them as a newbie to the "church world." I wanted myself and my family to have a church home, but navigating the expectations of others was tricky. I became one of those judgy church types... "My faith is better than yours"  mentality. Now, don't to get me wrong -- I never said these words, but looking back, I was struggling with a lot -- finding my way as a wife, a mom and a professional, so as my insecurities about everything abounded, this was one place that I can see it happened, too.


I had become the judgmental Christian that I had previously been irritated with. Again, maybe due to age, stage of life or limited previous exposure to organized church (or all that plus more). Whatever it was, I didn't like it. What I did like was the peace I found in my own growing relationship with God and how that peace could positively impact our growing family.


So as my path went, over the last 17 years I have continued to seek what has helped me feel connected to peace, source, God, the universe. The judgy church lady who used to reside in my insecurities is long gone. I have learned to embrace what I believe is true fellowship. (You can read my thoughts about that here.) I still consider Trinity my "church home", but I pray and meditate where and when it moves me, which is often multiple times per day, not just when I attend church.


I embrace that there are no rules, everyone practices gratitude and faith in the way that works for their lives. There should be no judgment of how or when. A spiritual practice is never about right vs. wrong or judgment of any kind. << in other words, my practice isn't "better than yours" or vice versa. >>

A spiritual practice is what returns you to your natural state - love. Looking at all things through the eyes of love and leaving all judgment of yourself and others behind. Sometimes this is tough which is why it is called "a practice".

My first book, Becoming a Unconsumed, was a devotional filled with prayers -- the asking. My second book, currently being written, is a book filled with moments of meditation -- the listening. 

Wishing you loads of peace and love today.





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Where's Your Mindset At?

 <<This post might trigger you.>>


Lots of well-intentioned souls walk around, moping about, waiting for something to change so they can feel good.

And it's not our fault, right?

Society and social media have trained us to compare, compete, and control.

<<It takes truckloads of daily intention to shed that shit.>>

Believing external circumstances are responsible for your choice of peace and joy is a yucky feeling.

Waiting for a new job, a promotion, a vacation, a new car, a new relationship, a certain balance in the bank account, the weekend, date night, a pregnancy, a new home, (you get the point) all in the name of feeling good....These well-intentioned (but totally misinformed, actually) souls are seeking external circumstances to be different before they choose "yup, ok, now I can feel good."

I need to tell you that this way of thinking is a lie.

You are ALREADY powerful beyond measure. Right now.

Not when something is different but right freaking now.

You can choose positive right now, where you are at, today.

You can change your perspective about any situation, circumstance, etc.

A shift in your perspective changes the actual situation. Sit with that for a minute.

Your change in perspective actually changes the situation.

You can choose to find the positive or you can choose to continue to focus on the lack.

It's a choice!

And it's your choice.

That's how powerful you are.

I hear you doubting me, but I'm encouraging you to doubt your doubts.

Choose the next best-feeling thought.

Declare your worthiness to yourself.

Embrace your vulnerability.

Release the need to compare, control and compete.

Simply choose happy.


Just be.

Just feel good because you can. It's a choice. Choose the next best-feeling thought. (Yep, I said that twice.) Stop trying to control circumstances or conditions in others as an attempt to find that feel-good feeling. That's hard living.

Choose positive. Choose ease.

I believe in you!


Mindset Hack

Mindset Hack for today.😉

Choose to look for the positive. Over and over again. Day in and out. What you focus on expands and what you think about you bring about. (Seems simple enough, right?) I know it can be challenging, but daily practice can get it solid for you.

Whatever you're worrying or angry or upset (or other negative emotion) about is causing you stress, sadness, etc. When you recognize this, you must switch your thoughts! Think about something else. That is NOT to say "change your perspective about the topic that is worrying you." It is simply shift your focus to something ELSE, another topic completely. And that's the key. Doesn't it make sense that the thing with which you're worrying isn't going to get sorted out by pondering it over and over? You're going to stay in worry mode which is opposite of your natural state of joy. In order to get back there, you must choose your thoughts. You aren't going to get to peace and joy by ruminating over a worry and stress topic. You have to raise your positive vibration FIRST. To really impact your mindset you need to think about another topic altogether...Something that gives you happiness now or has given you happiness in the past. You can't get there (to a place of peace and joy) by staying here (ruminating over and over again about the thing with which you're concerned). The Universe is listening. It always gives you what you ask for. If you believe it will, and stop worrying about it.

Refocus your energy on positive aspects of people and things. When you focus on the positive, you immediately raise your vibration from the low place of worry, doubt, defeat, concern.

Stay in the Now, focus on the positive aspects and create your happy.


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What's the Relationship Between Prayer and Manifestation?

What is manifestation?

I've been considering a lot about the intersection of prayer and manifestation lately. Much of the world considers that there are seemingly only two extremes. (1) Following strict religious protocol falling into a specific category of religion (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Etc) or (2) Being extremely spiritual, out there and woo woo--meditation, yoga, crystals, manifestation.

BUT, I have found there is certainly an intersection between the concepts of prayer and manifestation.

Let's take the concept of prayer. Most people, initially, on the surface pray for something they want. They pray for "it" because it is absent. Or because it hasn't shown up yet. Basically the same thing. We also pray to protect people and circumstances we are emotionally  invested in. But, are hear prayers out of fear or worry or another low vibration emotion? I wrote in my book, Becoming Unconsumed, about faith and fear not occupying the same space and we know that faith is having confidence in the outcome regardless of what we can "see" in our reality. This is where the concept of manifestation comes in.

Manifestation is a practice derived from one of the 12 Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction. Essentially it is "like attracts like." But the thing is, if we are praying for something to happen or thinking so hard about something happening, because we are so aware of the LACK of it, then we are projecting that LACK. The hitch is to operate from a place of ALREADY having that situation, thing, etc. Acting "as if" it has already come to pass.

Initially, this can be super tough to do. However, once you do it, you are in a more positive state or "vibration", and you begin to attract the outcome you seek. This is the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. When you are focused on how you feel when you already have that thing/situation/circumstance, the universe can't help but GIVE IT TO YOU. When you are focused on the lack or absence of that thing, you will be attracting more of its ABSENCE. So how can you act as if?

Here are a few simple steps, but more guidance will come in following articles :)

  1. Write down your desire. All details and very clear
  2. Envision the version of you that already has that thing. What are you wearing, what does that situation/day/circumstance look like? How do you feel?
  3. Put into action some steps towards getting that thing/goal/circumstance.
  4. Intentionally detach from the outcome

Trying to control the outcome is tricky and puts you back into that vibration of "lack".

More to come on the topics of Law of Attraction, Manifestation and the intersection with prayer.


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What are your expectations of others?

On the Friday of Mother's Day Weekend I did a Facebook Live in my Mamas in Business group. I spoke about all the expectations that we have for our husbands, our kids and others on Mother's Day weekend and other times throughout the year -- our birthday, anniversary, etc.

I gave some straight talk about why the expectations of others have to stop. I know, I know, it goes against the grain.  As wives and Mamas we work hard all day every day. As the story goes, it would be great for our hubbies and kids to just do something for us....or would it? What if we did so much for ourselves that we could lay down expectations about what our families "should" do for us? And what if we stopped worrying so much about what they were doing and we continued to just accept them as they are (whether they give us presents or pick up their dirty socks or not)?

If you stick with me on this topic here, I am going to show you how to ditch these expectations and how to give yourself everything you desire instead of putting that heavy burden on those that love you. 

There has never been a better time to give yourself some self-care than today. You are powerful, you know what fuels you and you know how to make yourself feel good. YES, I agree that it is fantastic when your hubby or kids do something for you, lend a hand around the house, spoil you. I get it. But what is even more valuable is that when you cultivate a practice of self-care so deep, your expectations of others fall away.

Let's look at the practical reasons for dropping expectations of others.


1. Self-Care is critical for your happiness. You will never have peace if you are continually seeking others to do for you, while you let external circumstances determine your mood. Taking care of your body, mind, and soul means you have plenty of your best self to give your family & the world. Giving yourself love instead of waiting for someone else to do it empowers you and fills you up. When you learn how to love and give to YOU, you no longer seek something or someone to fill the space that only self-care can fill.

Though self-care looks different for everyone, here are some things that I like to do:

  • Prayer or meditation
  • Exercise
  • Cooking a healthy meal
  • Reading or Journaling
  • Taking a long shower or bath
  • A pedicure or manicure
  • A day date with someone special to you
  • Dancing to your favorite playlist

2. The people around you love and care for you. If there is an unspoken "pressure" about your expectations for gifts and pampering and doing, those people that love and care for you are nervous they will disappoint you! Take that burden away from them and let them know you have NO EXPECTATIONS. 

Dropping expectations of others can be empowering for you and give tons of positive energy to your closest relationships. So what do you think? Where can you lay down expectations of others today and do something that fuels you? What are your favorite things to do for self-care?

next level necessary.jpg

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Is fear of failure preventing you from showing up?


We are so afraid to fail that we stop showing up.


Has this ever happened to you? With something so important to you that the idea of not having "that thing" just puts you in tears?


It happens in relationships, with health or weight loss goals and with launching and building a business.


It happens when we are trying to get pregnant.


It happens when we want to go for a promotion at work.


It happens all the stinking time.


Here's where fear of failure has come up for me:




Writing a book

Starting a business

Navigating relationships

Repairing broken relationships

Repairing broken me



I have decided that I will not let fear make my decisions. I won't let fear prevent me from showing up for anything. I will push through the fear of failure.


All of us have been in the driver's seat of fear of failure.  Failure isn't a label that we have to wear the rest of our lives. Failing at anything doesn't change our identity. And it's that belief the prevents us from taking a risk. The belief that somehow, if we fail, our identity is marred or changed.


Let's get this straight--you are a fucking powerful being. No matter what. No failure will change that. Got it?


Who cares if you fail? It could mean a million things or it could mean nothing. But it most definitely does NOT mean you should freeze in place and refuse to keep moving.


So what do I choose to do?

Believe in the best possible outcome. About everything. Always.

So many women are afraid of failure that we STOP SHOWING UP. Whether it's a health goal or a professional goal or even improving an important relationship.

It's easier to be afraid than blast through that shit.

I say go for it. Stop being frozen. Keep showing up. THE WORLD NEEDS WHAT YOU HAVE. Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.

next level necessary.jpg

Did you like this content? Join our special LIVE event on Tuesday June 12 at 6pm EST "Next Level Necessary" for all Mamas in Business. (Yes replay will be available for those in the group :) Talking about the three biggest things to take you to your next level in your personal AND professional life. Click here to join the group.




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What is Mindset? What are Your Life Rules?


Happy June! I am so excited because I am putting a June content blast into place this month! Everyday content will stream here and in my facebook group. There will be a different topic each day on all topics Momming, Business & Life.

A word that is being used quite often on all social media outlets these days is "mindset". you might be wondering what "mindset" even is. If you live outside of the success coaching realm or spend limited time in professional or personal development, you might not have any familiarity with this topic... Recently I posted five of #myrules that shape my mindset in my private Facebook Group for Mamas in Business. You can check out that group by clicking here

What are these "rules" that I am talking about and what do they have to do with mindset? These are rules around topics that I have redesigned for myself, replacing society's rules or even rules from my upbringing. You know society's rules I am talking about. Rules about earning money: "it has to be so hard", or rules about marriage: "everyone fights" or even rules about teenage daughters: "they are so difficult!". I have rewritten these rules and countless others for myself on my beliefs on many topics. I have posted about mindset before, talking about my rules and how I have reframed my rules for life around topics such as marriage, momming, career, finances, business development, fear, and just plain old LIFE.

Your rules for life put your mindset into place. What do I mean about that? Let's take this example of fear around money...If you live from a fearful mindset about money, for instance, you are always worried about how you are going to pay your bills instead of expecting abundant experiences for yourself and your family. What snowballs from that is that you are going to have a shitty mindset about work, opportunities that cost money, and needs for your family. Kicking that fear to the curb is the thing that will change your mindset around all things involving money.

If you don't set intentions for rewriting your own rules AND embracing positivity at every turn, you won't have the mindset that will give you the very best life you can have. Regardless of what you do in your working life or personal life, it will serve you well to begin your day with some positivity.

Implementing a practice that includes positivity and gratitude daily has completely changed the fabric of who I am. For the last three to five years I have had this practice in place. Sometimes I am tired and I miss a day (yes, can you believe it, I am human). If I miss a day, so what? Most of the week, I wake up and start with positivity and gratitude. I begin with simple things like "I am thankful for my family. For my home." Then I get more specific about work, and a kitchen full of food and the ability to spend time with my loved ones.

I'm challenging you today to think about how your rules put your mindset into place. If you are living from a fear perspective about anything, your mindset isn't as great as it could be. You are amazing, you are the temperature of love in your home. When you have an empowered mindset, you will have that amazing positivity in your family, your home, and your business.

I hope you have a great day! Think about the places your mindset can be more positive and remember how beautiful, amazing, positive, and valuable on the inside and out you are.

next level necessary.jpg

Did you like this content? Join our special LIVE event on Tuesday June 12 at 6pm EST "Next Level Necessary" for all Mamas in Business. (Yes replay will be available for those in the group :) Talking about the three biggest things to take you to your next level in your personal AND professional life. Click here to join the group.




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On the Grow

Wow! I can't believe it's been almost six weeks since my last blog entry. It's definitely been a whirlwind month with the Launch of Becoming Unconsumed and the growth of the Grace & Impact Brand. I can't wait to share all the news!

First, we have had a successful launch for Becoming Unconsumed! A Team from across the United States and Canada participated in launching the book, sharing it with their own local communities and now the reviews are popping up on Amazon and Goodreads. I have been so blown away by the positive feedback and the lives that BU has touched. If you haven't picked up your copy yet, you can do so here through Amazon.

Before I get into the details of what's coming so so soon with G&I (cue the excitement & confetti!!), I want to talk about the power of detachment.

You're thinking "what's that?!"

There is so much power in the space between wanting something so badly and then letting the outcome of that "something" go.

That space is called detachment.

And when you get here, you feel empowered, confident, and fearless.

The energy of detachment is powerful.

So what actually does that mean?

Think about something you really want.

And I mean really want.

Could be a change in finances, a development in your business, a job promotion, a change in a relationship. This "thing" you really want, begins with inspired action--you know the kind I mean-- when you are in your bed and can't sleep or in the shower or hear something on the radio--and you HAVE to scramble quick to find a paper and pen (or your notes app on your phone) to take a note and get this amazing idea DOWN because you don't know where it came from but it's AMAZING??

So you begin with that inspired action. (Make the post, make the phone call, write the email, etc. The idea is that you have ACTED on the "thing".)

And then you let the outcome GO. You don't worry if you've done or said the right thing, you don't fret about the response, you just let it G O.

For example: I take inspired action to get my content written down and "living" either online or in my course or in a conversation directly with someone. (this blog post is a good example).

Then I DETACH from the outcome. For example: maybe I think it'd be awesome to pay off XXXX bill, create an idea that provides certain income, etc... but I let whatever it is GO. Meaning I take the inspiration, put it into action, bless it, and LET IT GO. I've done my part and now I rest completely unconsumed by the idea. That is so powerful. To not be wound so tightly about an outcome, to have no fear about whether or not it will happen, that is so powerful.

When you are not consumed with the outcome, you open yourself up to the blessings and possibilities you deserve. You can focus on other things that matter -- your family, your self-care, your community, other work items that fuel you.

So let's recap >>> Detachment is the space between holding so tightly to "something" because "it's" SO PRECIOUS, and letting go because your belief has been built to the place that you know detaching from "it" is going to get it to return. 

It is essentially, and intentionally, operating out of faith instead of fear.

It is choosing to live unconsumed.

It is deciding that you have done your part.

It is leaving fear out of the equation and trusting God and the universe. 

That's what I'm taking about. The invaluable power of detaching from an outcome. It usually means it's going to work out the way you've envisioned. In relationships, business, and money.

Detaching is a powerful process that takes practice and intention. It can contribute to completely changing your mindset. Give it a try and let me know in the comments how it went!

So here's what is coming up next for Grace & Impact....

Even since before the book launch, Grace & Impact has been growing. Beginning at the end of this month, we kick off our first digital course for women! This course is designed for Mamas in Business who KNOW that they have innate talents, skills & gifts and KNOW that the world needs what they have to offer. 

Mamas who are ready to kick that deficit mindset to the curb.

Let me guess.

You're planning to have a great week in family and business. Me, too!

Sunday night you planned to have an AMAZING week.

You even remember thinking something like "hell yes, this week is gonna rock."

Your meals were semi-planned, the kids' calendar was all set and you had designated which times you were going to work on your business.

Then Monday came around.

The kids were difficult to get up and ready for the day.

You forgot to buy your kids' favorite snack at the store (which they reminded you of AGAIN) and your coffee spilled everywhere.

Cut to Friday.

You look over your notes and realize you haven't done anything productive for your business.

You're so annoyed. Again. <Then you feel guilty for being annoyed and even dreaming of taking it to the next level. 😔>

You wonder how you could ever take it to the next level.

Your week hasn't improved and you are tired of this cycle.

Living for the weekend, feeling half-underwater, never getting "it all" done, watching everyone else take the next steps in their business and have things straight at home.

I mean you did everything you knew to do.

You put some posts up, semi-planned a big online sale and even generated some leads.

But then nothing panned out and you are scratching your head wondering how this happens every single week.

Wondering how I know?

Because I used to be you.

I would plan for every next step, write it all down, even put specifics on my calendar.

Then I would become consumed within the week (completely unable to DETACH) and find myself waking up to another weekend feeling bad that I didn't take any massive action in my business.

I would be annoyed and decide "forget it, it's not going to work out."

Then I realized it wasn't my business and it wasn't my planning.

It was something waaayyyyy deeper.

So I made one major change and things stared flowing easily, with no frustration, no interruptions to my family and no more overwhelm and guilt. You see, it isn't business strategy you're missing, it's the deep work needed to uplevel EVERYTHING. Something us Mamas need more than anyone.

mba2 (1).jpg

After a decade of designing and leading live and online courses, I've launched my very first digital course for Mamas in Business, the Mindset & Breakthrough Academy. I'm the expert at upleveling your mindset and business, no matter what your circumstance is.

If you are a Mama who:
✨knows her tremendous value
✨knows she has a business or service that other people NEED in their lives
✨wants to make major shifts and take massive action to take things to the next level..... belong in this course!

Doors for enrollment are open and I'd love to have you.

What's included:
✨6+ hours of live video modules (can't make the live time? Don't worry it will be on replay!)
✨Guided Workbooks and action steps for each module to radically uplevel every area of your life
✨Exclusive course group with like-minded women for support
✨Guided mindset video
✨Unlimited support from me in the group!
✨Lifetime access to the course!

Questions or more information? Click below for FAQ's and more info!

Choosing Joy Today!

Today I choose joy. And I think you should, too. Why? Because life is good!! 🌸




When our joy is dependent on external circumstance, we limit our capacity to LIVE. When you limit your beliefs about yourself, when you limit your beliefs about ending the daily struggle, you limit your ability to make an impact on those around you---> ultimately limiting the ability to do WELL for yourself and others.🌸



Create your own lane and stay there! There is a huge tendency to look at what other people around you are doing and say "oh I should be doing that." I want to remind you to stop comparing. YOU were created as the writer of your story . God chose YOU to be the wife, mom, sister, fried, influencer that you are. No one can fill your shoes or your purpose! 🌸



When you change your mindset and remind yourself of your undeniable VALUE to the world, you can finally stop comparing and striving. So choose JOY today. I believe in you! 🌸


Here's my Call to Action for today:

What are five things you can think of RIGHT NOW that you are grateful for? Write them down! What is one situation that you have been feeling less than POSITIVE about that you can change your perspective about RIGHT NOW? Write it down and decide NOW to change your thinking about it. Find the "silver lining"! Expect positivity and abundance. You have nothing at all to lose by choosing positive expectation over dread.

I can't wait to hear how you do! 

All my belief,




Too Much and Never Enough

For all the women who feel like they are simultaneously too much and never enough, I want to say I hear you! I also want to call BS on that . You are exactly enough and your "too much" and "never enough" are measured by false ideals, which exist for no one. You are perfect as you are.


too much.jpg

There has never been a better Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend, Colleague. Want to know why? Because the entire universe conspired at the hand of God to create YOU. Because He has had a perfect plan for you from long before you were even born. So stop judging yourself. Stop comparing your "behind the scenes" to others' "highlight reels". Repeat after me: "I am enough." Now say it ten more times. You are enough. You've always been enough.


While I wrote my book, Becoming Unconsumed, some parts of it came pouring out of me. There were many moments, nights, mornings and random times that I felt God was writing that book through me. Things just flowed so naturally that I didn't even have time to stop and think if any of it made sense. There were also moments (ok, weeks which turned into months) where I put the entire project aside because I was afraid of what people would think. Yes, you read that right. Me, a woman who spends her free time encouraging as many people as possible to be empowered, take off the mask and live vulnerably, I was afraid to publish my book.


Then I remembered all the things that I say to you and my daughters. You are enough. I am enough. Be vulnerable. Share with others. Be empowered. Reset your mindset. Remember how valuable you are.

printful 1.png


And my mindset shifted. My project was no longer about me but rather what even a portion of my message could do for someone else who needed God's word, who needed a message of positivity in our all-consuming world.


Today I want to encourage you--before you stop short of sharing your unique brand of magic with the world---don't. Don't stop. Don't keep your mask on. Be authentic and remember--you ARE ENOUGH. So much and so little--just perfect the way God made you.

For more information on Becoming Unconsumed: a Devotional for Every Woman Struggling in Today's All-Consuming World, click here.

A Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday friends. This is a quickie blog post because it's been on my mind the past few Mondays and I wanted to share in hopes that more of you would have MORE joy this week.

Is your mood dependent on outside circumstances?? As in -- your situation defining how you feel? I get it, I hear you. I used to wake up on a Monday completely dreading the Work Week. The morning hustle to get everyone and myself out of the house. With everything we need for the day. On time. With no crying. The list of things that went undone on the weekend. I hated it. To be honest, I'm feeling a little sick recalling those stressful times. So what happened? I changed my perspective and defined a new Monday. I kicked out the Deficit Mindset and replaced it with Abundant Mindset.



We are programmed by society and social media, by other people's mindset. We are programmed to hate M-F and live for the weekend. Why should we only have joy two days per week? I call bs on that. I want to live with joy daily. Don't you?


Like exercising, resetting your mindset is working a muscle. Lifting weights at first is hard. You're using muscles in a new way that leaves you sore and tired. Resetting your mindset takes work, too, and can have a wildly powerful impact on your daily life. When you train yourself to focus on positive instead of allowing your circumstances to define your mood, you can feel so much more FREE. Free to enjoy each day. FREE to set boundaries on negativity. FREE to be.


Today I challenge you to choose your joy. Redefine your M-F. Maybe your circumstances can't change, by your mindset can. Your circumstances don't have to define your JOY. You can choose your joy right now!

What's Your Value?

Hello, beautiful! It's a snowy day here in Western Massachusetts, and although many people are tired of the snow, I am loving watching it fly as I sit here with my coffee and write!

You are enough.jpg

If it sounds like I'm repeating myself lately, I probably am. I am just completely sold out on women knowing and living their true purpose and value in this world. Last week I wrote about Authenticity and even spoke about it on The Grace and Impact Podcast. Listen here if you're interested. 

This week the topics of Authenticity, Living Your Purpose and Writing Your OWN Story are still on my mind. Why? First of all because I have lived it. I have lived trying to wear an identity that I "thought" was right for me. Working long hours while I felt completely torn from family time with my husband and three small daughters. I have lived conflicted over phenomenal career success and family obligations.

I have seen so many women--family and friends--get way too comfortable with a deficit mindset. Living the idea that there's never enough time, money or patience. Giving all we have--body, soul + mind--to our husbands, kids and work. And never, ever giving to ourselves.  I have learned that refusing to take care of yourself ultimately translates into neglecting to take care of your family and the world. Haven't you heard the saying "you can't pour from an empty cup"? Well, yeah...


About two years ago I stopped this. I quit a six figure job, I refocused my mindset on family and myself and a huge shift took place. There's a difference between giving selflessly/knowing your own value and being a complete martyr. Sorry if this is harsh, but it's the truth. Have you been there?


The new-mommy phase is a tough one. Especially when your days are filled with little sleep and lots of hormones. Figuring out work-life balance is tricky. And fitting in time to value and nurture your marriage is trickier still. And if that isn't enough, you have to remember to take care of yourself? Next to impossible, right? I'm here today to tell you it CAN be done. And done well.  


I want to remind you that you ARE enough. You are the perfect version of YOU. So stop hustling so hard to fit it all in and take some time to listen to your inner voice. If you are a praying person or a meditating person, no matter what your style of peace is, embrace it and listen. You have been designed for a beautiful purpose. You are the Mom and Wife God chose. You are the sister, daughter, friend, perfect person that God designed for this situation in you life. 



You are enough (1).jpg

Today is the day you stop playing small, stop living in a deficit mindset and embrace your amazing value! The world needs what only YOU can provide. Like I tell my daughters (and believe it with every ounce of my being): you have absolute MAGIC inside of you. It is your job to share it, to make a difference in someone else's life, to go out there and change this world. But the change has to begin inside of you, as you shift your mindset, love yourself & fuel yourself.


Only then will you have the energy, mindset, and desire to share all of who YOU are with your family and this world. I am cheering you on to incredible success.

Much love,






In alignment with my commitment to serve others, click here to find the link to my free eBook Mindset Reset, which is a 21 day resource outlining my 5 keys to living an emPOWERed day everyday.

Additionally, my book, Becoming Unconsumed, a devotional for every woman struggling in today's all-consuming world, is being released May 15 and is truly a place for women to stop saying "yes" to the superficial demands of this world and start embracing the beautiful life you already live. To change your mindset and know the ultimate value that already resides inside of you. We have opened up a few additional spots for participation on the launch team! Click here for more information.


Have you ever thought about the concept of authenticity? With it often comes the discomfort of vulnerability if removing the many masks we wear out in public, at work, in relationships, on social media. I want you to think about this for a minute -- what makes you YOU?

You have a different story, path and purpose than anyone else in this entire world. Isn't that so powerful?! Lots of people exist daily on this earth to fulfill some society-fueled path that is often filled with comparison, negativity and doubt. But I know that's not what God has planned for you. No way. You can't live your purpose while you're busy trying to live someone else's. 

Authenticity for me has meant taking a hard look at myself, my goals, my actions and getting real about what I was doing. And getting real about what I needed to change to live the life I envisioned. is it quick work? Absolutely not. But it is totally worth it and small steps add up to real change quickly. Before I knew it, I was living the life I dreamed about.

When you make a conscious choice to keep the mask off and be real with yourself and others, big shifts occur. You open yourself to what the universe has for you in a new way, you remove the block from all the blessings. You stop standing in the way of God's plan for your life. So what are you waiting for? Stop resisting and surrender to the call to be authentic, vulnerable, remove the mask and live your best life. 


What does "take off the mask" mean? Getting honest with yourself about your goals, your timeline and your life.

  • What do you want to be doing?
  • What do you NOT want to be doing?
  • How are your daily actions aligning (or not) with your short and long-term goals

There's no more time to be wasted on trying to live out someone else's purpose or trying to fit someone else's plan onto your life. Today I challenge you to write down one personal, professional or financial goal and a deadline to make it happen. Being authentic means being honest with ourselves and aligning our actions and goals.


I believe in you SO much and am cheering for your success,


My Mindset Reset eBook helps you cultivate more joy + live your best balanced life. Click above to learn more about this powerful resource.

The Truth About Entrepreneurship in 2018 and Beyond

Mindset matters.

I say this a lot. And mindset isn't just important, mindset is everything. It defines who you are, what ideals you're aligning yourself with and it can literally propel you in one direction over another. And just as mindset can propel you positively, it can have the adverse effect.

business building.jpg

So, who is today's blog post for? It's for you if--you've opened (or are considering opening) a business. It could be anything from a clothing boutique, a skin care line, health and wellness to finance, coaching, education, the list goes on. You probably have the best (product/service/trade) around! I believe in you! And I love your enthusiasm. And it's because I believe in you that today I am going to share some truths about successful business building, what not to do and what TO DO in order to build relationships and customers for a long time. You see, building a business is a marathon, not a sprint, and if you're not thinking long term relationships for long term success, your mindset is not yet where it should be. So let's get it there!

If you're frustrated because you thought you'd open a business and the sales would just flood in, I hear ya. Excitement can wane when the realization of work sets in. Maybe you've cultivated a fantastic skill or product. Perhaps you've got the perfect location or target market for a boutique or store front. Maybe your business partner/coach/recruiter has had incredible success and knows the same can happen for you. Regardless of the type of business or situation, you don't have to be frustrated but you should take some of this advice if you want to get serious about your business.

Here are some basics:

1. People don't want to be sold. 

When I am looking to buy something, I seek a few sources. A. Do I have someone in my network of friends and family who is in this business of the product I am looking for? I choose to do business with people I have relationships with and support what they are doing. B. Amazon Prime. If I can get it on Amazon Prime and it is not something that I can purchase from a small business, I do it. I love Amazon Prime, don't you?

2. People care More about you than what you're selling.

Your friends and family are your friends and family because they love you. They don't necessary love that you have potentially turned your entire digital and in-person existence into a product soapbox. You cannot build your business on family and friends alone. Referrals? Absolutely! But a sustainable business that will support your goals and dreams financially? No way.

3. No one is following you because of your product (unless they are your friend, family or a business partner.)

(See #2 above!) I don't want this to come off the wrong way, but how do you know I NEED your product? Oh, that's right, you don't. I just want to illustrate for a moment the point that throwing a photo up on social media isn't going to monetize your business. Pictures don't equal sales. Flooding my DM doesn't equal sales. (PSA - If you are a team builder or business builder of any kind, please stop encouraging your team to send DMs to random people that they don't know! ) Even having beautiful photography won't equal sales. Building relationships, offering above and beyond what your bottom line is, that will convert me from a follower to a customer.

Here are three things TO BUILD AND MAINTAIN as you build your business:

1. Authenticity

Get clear on the reasons you opened your business in the first place, your "why". This will be extremely helpful when the original excitement for your business starts to wane, when there are people who express doubt or objection over your business. If you can get clear on your authentic purpose, you will be able to share it with others.

2. Relationships  

How are you connecting with others? Random direct messages is not a connection. Real conversations about real topics that matter are the things that create relationships. You can definitely use social media and digital communication to do this, but it cannot be a "copy and paste" or one-size-fits-all-message. If you don't know or care about the people you are communicating with, that message will come across loud and clear.

3. Service for others  

Again, why are you in business? If you are not willing to serve others, chances are your business won't last long. I remember once I followed someone on Instagram that I admired for her tenacity with health, wellness, and positive energy. Once she put a recipe on her Instagram story and it seemed like something my kids would LOVE. She told a few of the ingredients, but not all. When I asked about the remaining ingredients, she replied that she couldn't tell me, but they were in her cookbook that I could BUY. I immediately unfollowed her. That type of gatekeeper-info-practice is just not what I align with. I am in the business of giving and serving others. Free content is where it is at! We live in an age where there is tons of valuable content available for FREE to consume. Be a part of positive provision and you will not go wrong. You will actually build more relationships by giving MORE.


Systems for Success (1).jpg

Do you know that you can actually leverage systems to work for you so that you can stop being frustrated in the progress of your business? Not saying it won't take hard work, but you will be able to remove some of the frustration as you build by doing the three "dos" at the end of my message today and leveraging some key systems for success. Building a profitable side business can be the best thing you've ever decided on, when you get clear on what will make you successful. 

Best wishes for success in your business! Give the ideas above a try to keep focused, build relationships and serve others. Cheering you on! -- Lynne