So what is Grace & Impact?

These are the intangible things I think about when I consider what I want my daughters to grow up to have. "I want you to have grace." I'm not talking about table manners and a quiet voice and walking with poise and confidence. Yes, I do want you to have and do those things. But the grace I'm talking about here is God's holy grace. The Grace He gives us to live new and free everyday. The Grace that gives forgiveness to a person who has terribly hurt you. The Grace that gives you permission to forgive yourself. The Grace that gives you the confidence to know and live out the fact that you are loved and valuable in this world. God created you to have this Grace and make and Impact on this world.

Here's to you. Standing there or sitting--all covered in your beautiful Grace. Ready to make an impact. I believe in you whether you are young or old, no matter your shape, size, color, location. You are valued and we are ready for your impact. 


Consider today: What are your goals? What calling has God placed on your heart?  

Action item: Write down three things that you can do in the next 48 hours in the direction of your Impact. Is it writing a positive affirmation, creating a vision board and smart goals for your deadlines? How about tweaking your writing or your social media pages to engage more people in a meaningful way?


Share comments about your success with this action item below!


All my belief, Lynne