Celebrating Life

Many women dread turning 30 or 40 or 50. I think that's about vanity and ego and insecurity. And I think it's hard to live that type of life and my heart hurts for those women.


And so I pray for women at all ages to be bold enough to drop that ego (die to self) and pick up that cross today and know that when we live our life for others (for God and the people He put in our lives), we will wake up with an eagerness that greets the day in a way that vanity could never replace. Living for others in a way that celebrates life, not a martyrdom that leaves us exhausted crying "Cinderella" all the time. Life is a team sport, not a solo journey. And yes, I get tired, too, and even frustrated with all the striving sometimes. And on those days, I have to slow down and remind myself of what I'm writing here.


YES we need self-love, YES self-care is essential but only so we have enough fuel to do and be present for others. How lonely a life it would be if we woke daily seeking to GET only, rather than GIVE. The yearning and ego would never be satisfied and we would forever have a God-sized hole that only could be filled by one thing. Relationship with Him.


So today, on my 40th birthday I celebrate life. My life, that of others, that of us all. I wake up feeling great because there's simply no other way to feel. I'm alive, I have a home, treasured family and friends, food to eat, water to drink and people to help feel good today.


I reflect on this Bible verse that has been the foundation for my own growth and confidence over the last two years. A verse that my Grandmother, Meim, outlined herself in her Bible that now sits in my lap. (Deuteronomy 2:7) In my wilderness seasons He has been with me. I have lacked nothing. 


I encourage you, especially if you are in a wilderness season in your own life, to open a Bible, find a friend to share verses with, and begin a relationship with God. Change your perspective, celebrate life, stop striving and "should-ing." You were made perfect just the way you are and your people need you to show up everyday!


And if you already greet each day as I've described here, please share your valuable perspective with others around you--they need it!

Celebrating Life,  



Dear God, 

Thank you for today. Thank you for filling me with gratitude so I can be present for the life You have given me. Today I pray for women everywhere. Women who are hurting and women who are striving. I ask You to give them Your Peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding.  a peace that fills them with renewed Hope that they can and will thrive today and everyday. Lord, give these women strength, focus, love, and patience. Give them confidence to know that if they are striving and hurting, they can rest in You. Help them to know that You hold our lives and that You have a great plan for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11), no matter what type of wilderness season we are navigating right now. Thank you for giving us courage to live each day for You and the people around us. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen