Today is the day!

Hey all! Today is a snowy day in western Massachusetts and I cannot believe I haven't written a blog post since my birthday in November. 

I have been busy finishing my book, becoming Unconsumed, as well as finishing my eBook on taking your Power back. Not to mention regular work, momlife, my role at my husband's brewery, and everything else in the day-to-day of life.

No, I am not any different than you. I am not superwoman, though I do think every woman IS indeed a Superwoman in her own life. I am just organized. I am not perfectly organized everyday, in fact I kicked the notion of "perfect" to the curb several years ago. I let go of comparison, judgment and opinions. I got into gratitude and got out of despair. And you can do the same thing. 

Since I have been focused a lot on my two books over the last few months, I have been super focused on women taking back their power. Some have asked me privately, "what does this mean, Lynne?" The answer is simple really.

Many people walk through their day with their "power" given away to every situation. So if something goes wrong, or not as planned, their entire day falls apart. Keeping your power means remembering where it comes from in the first place. Being intentional about your day, your week, your life. Sure, things are going to happen that you haven't planned for, but if you have stored up enough faith, right mindset and attitude, these happenings will not tear your world apart.

I challenge you today to get into gratitude, make a list of all your are grateful for, and begin taking your power back. If anything other than God is your source, you will be disappointed and powerless. And that is not His best for you!

I believe in you!