Be the light that shines clear for other people. Be the positive. ✨


Over the past two weeks I have spoken with some friends --married, moms, single with no kids, engaged--about how we run our lives and even how we raise our kids. And there was a thread of guilt shared about the frequency with which we attend church. As in "am I a good Christian if I don't go to church/haven't had my kids baptized/raise them in a church?" Um, yes, you are a PHENOMENAL woman AND mother. Today one of my kids doesn't feel so hot and so we aren't going to church. Am I going to mope around and wring my hands about being a bad personal because I'm not in church today? No way.


Fellowship. It isn't just found in the walls of our Sunday church. It is found in the laughter, tears, moments with those whom God puts into our lives. If we don't stop to intentionally notice who those people are, we will miss out on the point of life. To love, and give love. To share in life's joys and disappointments. To praise God together through it all.


I personally started to feel guilty when I felt my ministry expanded beyond the walls of my "church home". Let's look at that for a minute. Guilty. A feeling that doesn't come from God at all. A part of fear that only comes from the enemy when we ARE heading in the right direction. I started to read my fear like this a few years ago, when I was fueling up for the birthing of my book, which will be published in a few short months. Filling my heart and souls with other books......When I started saying a confident "no" to requests for my ministry at church because I knew God put it on my heart to minister to the women, old and young, of this world, through other experiences outside of Trinity, my book and my work on grace & Impact. I suddenly realized that fellowship is not about one building. Or one group of people. It's about all His people. The ones He puts in your path. And sometimes those ministry, human moments happen in your living room, over the phone, in a coffee shop, or at work.


Distraction. Division. Denial.

These three things become major roadblocks in our journey to remain in peace. These things can ruin an otherwise wonderful life.


When things get "busy", the Overwhelm can take over. Hearts and mind race. Comparison joins the party. And then it's downhill from there. Reject the anxiety that threatens to steal joy from you and your family.


Today I encourage you to find the peace in the pace. Focus on the people. The moments. The present. Begin each day by focusing on your inner peace rather than the outside frenzy. And stop judging yourself. There is no ruler of "good Christian" that is measured by frequency of visits to a building.