Balance is a Perception

Balance is a perception. You might be a SAHM (which is actually a work at home Mama, because as we know, that's a pretty tough job!) and wish you had more adult time. You might be a work-out-of-the-home Mom and wish you could be home all day with your babies. Or you might be building a profitable side business to give your family more choices. Whatever your many roles, balance is a major topic for us ladies, am I right? Some days you might feel like you've got it all together and on others, not so much? If this is you, keep reading.


I am a Wife and Mama who does not have perfect balance but knows what I need to do to fuel my body + mind + spirit, daily. It's all about perception. I focus on the moments and I create balance where and when it is needed.


What are you focusing on today? What are the things that fuel you? Get in alignment with your heart + soul, write down your vision for your life and your perception will change. You can be in control of your day and perception by putting daily INTENTION in place. Especially if you are trying to keep track of your family schedule, work, school or business building.


I have cultivated a daily practice beginning with vision and intention that I call my POWER days.  Beginning everyday with gratitude, organization, and prioritizing can get you where you need to be!! I believe in you and know you can achieve the balance you seek. Believe in yourself and you, too, will get it done! Let me know if you need support!


Until next time!