Building Yourself so you can Build Others -- EmPOWERed



If we're not in the business of encouragement, we're in the wrong business. Sometimes we have a tough time getting out of our own way and seeing what others need. Being "others minded" is tough. It's especially tough when we have our own stress and pain. How do we find peace in the pain? It begins with an intentional mindset makeover. Which then translates to heart + behavior changes.


If you're between the ages of 25 and 44, chances are you are raising a family, managing choices about a career inside or outside the home (or both), navigating financial commitments, the emotions that run fast and deep when married and raising a family, and much more! That's a lot to think about! Maybe you even want to shut down your thoughts about it. But I want to stop you right there.


I want to remind you that you ARE equipped. You CAN do this day and everyday. God chose you to be that Wife, that Mama, that friend, that business owner because you are the one He designed for that purpose. If you step out of your own way a little bit today and trust that God has a tremendous purpose for you, you'll be able to free up your heart and mind to encourage someone around you who NEEDS a positive message!


You're probably thinking "ok Lynne, sounds great, but you don't know my situation. You can't possibly think I can stop worrying about X." You're right, I don't know your situation. And maybe it is heart-wrenching and terrible. I'm sorry for your pain. But I know that if you start with gratitude, you can step through the pain and find some positivity. And peace. Especially peace.


So here's my five step recommendation for getting out of your way and Becoming that emPOWERed Encourager I know you are:

  1. Prayer / Positivity: if you are someone who prays, then start your day in the Word, and pray specifically for the needs of those around you. If you are NOT a prayer, then get out a pen and paper and write down a list of at least ten things you are grateful for right now!
  2. Organization: You might have a ton to do today, but if you can shift your focus to the most important things, you will have more success than being "spread too thin." My recommendation is FIVE, yes only FIVE, things.
  3. Workout / Wellness: You might have a gym membership or maybe not. Home equipment? If not, no problem. The goal here is to meet e your body for ten or more focused moments per day. It gets your heart pumping and mind working. And you'll be so glad you did!
  4. Everything else: when you freaked out earlier because I said "only five things", this is the place that those "other items" can go. Kids' schedule? Finish your taxes? Book your babysitter? All those items that didn't make it onto the top 5 go here.
  5. Reminders: Positive affirmations should be a non-negotiable part of your day. If you can't remind yourself how amazing you are, who will? You are amazing! You are important. You are valuable. You are smart. Write down some of your favorite affirmations and put them where you'll see them (bathroom mirror, car, kitchen, etc.)




Once you have taken a little time to emPOWER yourself, you'll be ready to be an encourager for someone who needs it. I believe in you. Go ahead, take that first step! Can't wait to hear your results.

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