Self-Love Club. Membership YOU.

Self image (body and soul!) is so important when you are a woman of any age. Membership in the #selfloveclub is nonnegotiable. But it's often challenging for women to get to this place. Living in a society of selfies, filters and comparison, it's hard to get out of the "shoulding" and "striving" mindset. It's critical for us all to be kind to ourselves and others around this topic.

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Let me just say for a minute that this is especially important when you are a mother of daughters. My kids really have never heard me talk about my weight or size. And no, it's not because I'm already a certain size. It's because I decided a long time ago that I am the primary woman they will form their images of self-acceptance on. And I don't ever want them to look in a mirror and think "too skinny, too fat." In fact we do not EVER use the S or F words in this house. Ever. We never look at body parts and wish out loud "I wish my X looked this way or that way." Never.

From a very early age I have taught my girls "healthy" as the key word. They know that Mom and Dad exercise to stay healthy, not to reach a goal weight. They see me lift weights and know the goal is strong. Never skinny. In fact, about five years ago when I rode my bike daily and never lifted weights, I was the lowest weight I'd been since pre-pregnancy numero uno. And I didn't like it. I had no strength.

You see, I personally prefer murves. Muscles + curves. That's when I feel best. Because for me, feeling strong is important. So taking care of my body + soul + mind is a package deal. Strong body, strong mind, get it??

My point here is that self-love and acceptance are inside jobs. No one can get you there but you. In an age of distraction and comparison, it's easy to jump to "I wish I looked like...." or "I wish I was...." So I'm here today to discourage anything that isn't self-love and acceptance. Be the person God made YOU and only you to be. Stop comparing and start reminding yourself how ENOUGH you already are. If you are recently pregnant or postpartum, please be kind to yourself. You made a human! That's some superhero stuff right there. Let your body and mind heal from that experience and be gentle with the messages you are giving yourself. If you didn't read my previous post on prenatal/postpartum anxiety and getting my mind and body healthy again, feel free to click here

Starvation and depletion diets don't work. Hours of endless cardio and weight lifting don't work. Size and a number on the scale do not matter. They DO NOT MATTER. Hear me out -- healthy matters. If getting healthy equals releasing some weight for you, OK. But don't get extreme. Be happy with who you are, be gentle with your soul and practice self-love. Because it is a practice. A daily practice of peace, acceptance and kindness.

I hope you are in the #selfloveclub today and everyday from now on.

A special club where membership depends on YOU loving YOU. Want to start feeling better today? Truly better and truly loving yourself? Here's my simple call to action -- write down three great qualities about yourself and turn them into affirmations. Example: I am a hard worker. --> I am a valuable hard worker who contributes to this world. 

Can't wait to hear how you do.

Much Love,