What's Your Value?

Hello, beautiful! It's a snowy day here in Western Massachusetts, and although many people are tired of the snow, I am loving watching it fly as I sit here with my coffee and write!

You are enough.jpg

If it sounds like I'm repeating myself lately, I probably am. I am just completely sold out on women knowing and living their true purpose and value in this world. Last week I wrote about Authenticity and even spoke about it on The Grace and Impact Podcast. Listen here if you're interested. 

This week the topics of Authenticity, Living Your Purpose and Writing Your OWN Story are still on my mind. Why? First of all because I have lived it. I have lived trying to wear an identity that I "thought" was right for me. Working long hours while I felt completely torn from family time with my husband and three small daughters. I have lived conflicted over phenomenal career success and family obligations.

I have seen so many women--family and friends--get way too comfortable with a deficit mindset. Living the idea that there's never enough time, money or patience. Giving all we have--body, soul + mind--to our husbands, kids and work. And never, ever giving to ourselves.  I have learned that refusing to take care of yourself ultimately translates into neglecting to take care of your family and the world. Haven't you heard the saying "you can't pour from an empty cup"? Well, yeah...


About two years ago I stopped this. I quit a six figure job, I refocused my mindset on family and myself and a huge shift took place. There's a difference between giving selflessly/knowing your own value and being a complete martyr. Sorry if this is harsh, but it's the truth. Have you been there?


The new-mommy phase is a tough one. Especially when your days are filled with little sleep and lots of hormones. Figuring out work-life balance is tricky. And fitting in time to value and nurture your marriage is trickier still. And if that isn't enough, you have to remember to take care of yourself? Next to impossible, right? I'm here today to tell you it CAN be done. And done well.  


I want to remind you that you ARE enough. You are the perfect version of YOU. So stop hustling so hard to fit it all in and take some time to listen to your inner voice. If you are a praying person or a meditating person, no matter what your style of peace is, embrace it and listen. You have been designed for a beautiful purpose. You are the Mom and Wife God chose. You are the sister, daughter, friend, perfect person that God designed for this situation in you life. 



You are enough (1).jpg

Today is the day you stop playing small, stop living in a deficit mindset and embrace your amazing value! The world needs what only YOU can provide. Like I tell my daughters (and believe it with every ounce of my being): you have absolute MAGIC inside of you. It is your job to share it, to make a difference in someone else's life, to go out there and change this world. But the change has to begin inside of you, as you shift your mindset, love yourself & fuel yourself.


Only then will you have the energy, mindset, and desire to share all of who YOU are with your family and this world. I am cheering you on to incredible success.

Much love,






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