A Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday friends. This is a quickie blog post because it's been on my mind the past few Mondays and I wanted to share in hopes that more of you would have MORE joy this week.

Is your mood dependent on outside circumstances?? As in -- your situation defining how you feel? I get it, I hear you. I used to wake up on a Monday completely dreading the Work Week. The morning hustle to get everyone and myself out of the house. With everything we need for the day. On time. With no crying. The list of things that went undone on the weekend. I hated it. To be honest, I'm feeling a little sick recalling those stressful times. So what happened? I changed my perspective and defined a new Monday. I kicked out the Deficit Mindset and replaced it with Abundant Mindset.



We are programmed by society and social media, by other people's mindset. We are programmed to hate M-F and live for the weekend. Why should we only have joy two days per week? I call bs on that. I want to live with joy daily. Don't you?


Like exercising, resetting your mindset is working a muscle. Lifting weights at first is hard. You're using muscles in a new way that leaves you sore and tired. Resetting your mindset takes work, too, and can have a wildly powerful impact on your daily life. When you train yourself to focus on positive instead of allowing your circumstances to define your mood, you can feel so much more FREE. Free to enjoy each day. FREE to set boundaries on negativity. FREE to be.


Today I challenge you to choose your joy. Redefine your M-F. Maybe your circumstances can't change, by your mindset can. Your circumstances don't have to define your JOY. You can choose your joy right now!