Have you ever thought about the concept of authenticity? With it often comes the discomfort of vulnerability if removing the many masks we wear out in public, at work, in relationships, on social media. I want you to think about this for a minute -- what makes you YOU?

You have a different story, path and purpose than anyone else in this entire world. Isn't that so powerful?! Lots of people exist daily on this earth to fulfill some society-fueled path that is often filled with comparison, negativity and doubt. But I know that's not what God has planned for you. No way. You can't live your purpose while you're busy trying to live someone else's. 

Authenticity for me has meant taking a hard look at myself, my goals, my actions and getting real about what I was doing. And getting real about what I needed to change to live the life I envisioned. is it quick work? Absolutely not. But it is totally worth it and small steps add up to real change quickly. Before I knew it, I was living the life I dreamed about.

When you make a conscious choice to keep the mask off and be real with yourself and others, big shifts occur. You open yourself to what the universe has for you in a new way, you remove the block from all the blessings. You stop standing in the way of God's plan for your life. So what are you waiting for? Stop resisting and surrender to the call to be authentic, vulnerable, remove the mask and live your best life. 


What does "take off the mask" mean? Getting honest with yourself about your goals, your timeline and your life.

  • What do you want to be doing?
  • What do you NOT want to be doing?
  • How are your daily actions aligning (or not) with your short and long-term goals

There's no more time to be wasted on trying to live out someone else's purpose or trying to fit someone else's plan onto your life. Today I challenge you to write down one personal, professional or financial goal and a deadline to make it happen. Being authentic means being honest with ourselves and aligning our actions and goals.


I believe in you SO much and am cheering for your success,


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