Choosing Joy Today!

Today I choose joy. And I think you should, too. Why? Because life is good!! 🌸




When our joy is dependent on external circumstance, we limit our capacity to LIVE. When you limit your beliefs about yourself, when you limit your beliefs about ending the daily struggle, you limit your ability to make an impact on those around you---> ultimately limiting the ability to do WELL for yourself and others.🌸



Create your own lane and stay there! There is a huge tendency to look at what other people around you are doing and say "oh I should be doing that." I want to remind you to stop comparing. YOU were created as the writer of your story . God chose YOU to be the wife, mom, sister, fried, influencer that you are. No one can fill your shoes or your purpose! 🌸



When you change your mindset and remind yourself of your undeniable VALUE to the world, you can finally stop comparing and striving. So choose JOY today. I believe in you! 🌸


Here's my Call to Action for today:

What are five things you can think of RIGHT NOW that you are grateful for? Write them down! What is one situation that you have been feeling less than POSITIVE about that you can change your perspective about RIGHT NOW? Write it down and decide NOW to change your thinking about it. Find the "silver lining"! Expect positivity and abundance. You have nothing at all to lose by choosing positive expectation over dread.

I can't wait to hear how you do! 

All my belief,