On the Grow

Wow! I can't believe it's been almost six weeks since my last blog entry. It's definitely been a whirlwind month with the Launch of Becoming Unconsumed and the growth of the Grace & Impact Brand. I can't wait to share all the news!

First, we have had a successful launch for Becoming Unconsumed! A Team from across the United States and Canada participated in launching the book, sharing it with their own local communities and now the reviews are popping up on Amazon and Goodreads. I have been so blown away by the positive feedback and the lives that BU has touched. If you haven't picked up your copy yet, you can do so here through Amazon.

Before I get into the details of what's coming so so soon with G&I (cue the excitement & confetti!!), I want to talk about the power of detachment.

You're thinking "what's that?!"

There is so much power in the space between wanting something so badly and then letting the outcome of that "something" go.

That space is called detachment.

And when you get here, you feel empowered, confident, and fearless.

The energy of detachment is powerful.

So what actually does that mean?

Think about something you really want.

And I mean really want.

Could be a change in finances, a development in your business, a job promotion, a change in a relationship. This "thing" you really want, begins with inspired action--you know the kind I mean-- when you are in your bed and can't sleep or in the shower or hear something on the radio--and you HAVE to scramble quick to find a paper and pen (or your notes app on your phone) to take a note and get this amazing idea DOWN because you don't know where it came from but it's AMAZING??

So you begin with that inspired action. (Make the post, make the phone call, write the email, etc. The idea is that you have ACTED on the "thing".)

And then you let the outcome GO. You don't worry if you've done or said the right thing, you don't fret about the response, you just let it G O.

For example: I take inspired action to get my content written down and "living" either online or in my course or in a conversation directly with someone. (this blog post is a good example).

Then I DETACH from the outcome. For example: maybe I think it'd be awesome to pay off XXXX bill, create an idea that provides certain income, etc... but I let whatever it is GO. Meaning I take the inspiration, put it into action, bless it, and LET IT GO. I've done my part and now I rest completely unconsumed by the idea. That is so powerful. To not be wound so tightly about an outcome, to have no fear about whether or not it will happen, that is so powerful.

When you are not consumed with the outcome, you open yourself up to the blessings and possibilities you deserve. You can focus on other things that matter -- your family, your self-care, your community, other work items that fuel you.

So let's recap >>> Detachment is the space between holding so tightly to "something" because "it's" SO PRECIOUS, and letting go because your belief has been built to the place that you know detaching from "it" is going to get it to return. 

It is essentially, and intentionally, operating out of faith instead of fear.

It is choosing to live unconsumed.

It is deciding that you have done your part.

It is leaving fear out of the equation and trusting God and the universe. 

That's what I'm taking about. The invaluable power of detaching from an outcome. It usually means it's going to work out the way you've envisioned. In relationships, business, and money.

Detaching is a powerful process that takes practice and intention. It can contribute to completely changing your mindset. Give it a try and let me know in the comments how it went!

So here's what is coming up next for Grace & Impact....

Even since before the book launch, Grace & Impact has been growing. Beginning at the end of this month, we kick off our first digital course for women! This course is designed for Mamas in Business who KNOW that they have innate talents, skills & gifts and KNOW that the world needs what they have to offer. 

Mamas who are ready to kick that deficit mindset to the curb.

Let me guess.

You're planning to have a great week in family and business. Me, too!

Sunday night you planned to have an AMAZING week.

You even remember thinking something like "hell yes, this week is gonna rock."

Your meals were semi-planned, the kids' calendar was all set and you had designated which times you were going to work on your business.

Then Monday came around.

The kids were difficult to get up and ready for the day.

You forgot to buy your kids' favorite snack at the store (which they reminded you of AGAIN) and your coffee spilled everywhere.

Cut to Friday.

You look over your notes and realize you haven't done anything productive for your business.

You're so annoyed. Again. <Then you feel guilty for being annoyed and even dreaming of taking it to the next level. ūüėĒ>

You wonder how you could ever take it to the next level.

Your week hasn't improved and you are tired of this cycle.

Living for the weekend, feeling half-underwater, never getting "it all" done, watching everyone else take the next steps in their business and have things straight at home.

I mean you did everything you knew to do.

You put some posts up, semi-planned a big online sale and even generated some leads.

But then nothing panned out and you are scratching your head wondering how this happens every single week.

Wondering how I know?

Because I used to be you.

I would plan for every next step, write it all down, even put specifics on my calendar.

Then I would become consumed within the week (completely unable to DETACH) and find myself waking up to another weekend feeling bad that I didn't take any massive action in my business.

I would be annoyed and decide "forget it, it's not going to work out."

Then I realized it wasn't my business and it wasn't my planning.

It was something waaayyyyy deeper.

So I made one major change and things stared flowing easily, with no frustration, no interruptions to my family and no more overwhelm and guilt. You see, it isn't business strategy you're missing, it's the deep work needed to uplevel EVERYTHING. Something us Mamas need more than anyone.

mba2 (1).jpg

After a decade of designing and leading live and online courses, I've launched my very first digital course for Mamas in Business, the Mindset & Breakthrough Academy. I'm the expert at upleveling your mindset and business, no matter what your circumstance is.

If you are a Mama who:
‚ú®knows her tremendous value
‚ú®knows she has a business or service that other people NEED in their lives
‚ú®wants to make major shifts and take massive action to take things to the next level.....
.....you belong in this course!

Doors for enrollment are open and I'd love to have you.

What's included:
‚ú®6+ hours of live video modules (can't make the live time? Don't worry it will be on replay!)
‚ú®Guided Workbooks and action steps for each module to radically uplevel every area of your life
‚ú®Exclusive course group with like-minded women for support
‚ú®Guided mindset video
‚ú®Unlimited support from me in the group!
‚ú®Lifetime access to the course!

Questions or more information? Click below for FAQ's and more info!