What is Mindset? What are Your Life Rules?


Happy June! I am so excited because I am putting a June content blast into place this month! Everyday content will stream here and in my facebook group. There will be a different topic each day on all topics Momming, Business & Life.

A word that is being used quite often on all social media outlets these days is "mindset". you might be wondering what "mindset" even is. If you live outside of the success coaching realm or spend limited time in professional or personal development, you might not have any familiarity with this topic... Recently I posted five of #myrules that shape my mindset in my private Facebook Group for Mamas in Business. You can check out that group by clicking here

What are these "rules" that I am talking about and what do they have to do with mindset? These are rules around topics that I have redesigned for myself, replacing society's rules or even rules from my upbringing. You know society's rules I am talking about. Rules about earning money: "it has to be so hard", or rules about marriage: "everyone fights" or even rules about teenage daughters: "they are so difficult!". I have rewritten these rules and countless others for myself on my beliefs on many topics. I have posted about mindset before, talking about my rules and how I have reframed my rules for life around topics such as marriage, momming, career, finances, business development, fear, and just plain old LIFE.

Your rules for life put your mindset into place. What do I mean about that? Let's take this example of fear around money...If you live from a fearful mindset about money, for instance, you are always worried about how you are going to pay your bills instead of expecting abundant experiences for yourself and your family. What snowballs from that is that you are going to have a shitty mindset about work, opportunities that cost money, and needs for your family. Kicking that fear to the curb is the thing that will change your mindset around all things involving money.

If you don't set intentions for rewriting your own rules AND embracing positivity at every turn, you won't have the mindset that will give you the very best life you can have. Regardless of what you do in your working life or personal life, it will serve you well to begin your day with some positivity.

Implementing a practice that includes positivity and gratitude daily has completely changed the fabric of who I am. For the last three to five years I have had this practice in place. Sometimes I am tired and I miss a day (yes, can you believe it, I am human). If I miss a day, so what? Most of the week, I wake up and start with positivity and gratitude. I begin with simple things like "I am thankful for my family. For my home." Then I get more specific about work, and a kitchen full of food and the ability to spend time with my loved ones.

I'm challenging you today to think about how your rules put your mindset into place. If you are living from a fear perspective about anything, your mindset isn't as great as it could be. You are amazing, you are the temperature of love in your home. When you have an empowered mindset, you will have that amazing positivity in your family, your home, and your business.

I hope you have a great day! Think about the places your mindset can be more positive and remember how beautiful, amazing, positive, and valuable on the inside and out you are.

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