Is fear of failure preventing you from showing up?


We are so afraid to fail that we stop showing up.


Has this ever happened to you? With something so important to you that the idea of not having "that thing" just puts you in tears?


It happens in relationships, with health or weight loss goals and with launching and building a business.


It happens when we are trying to get pregnant.


It happens when we want to go for a promotion at work.


It happens all the stinking time.


Here's where fear of failure has come up for me:




Writing a book

Starting a business

Navigating relationships

Repairing broken relationships

Repairing broken me



I have decided that I will not let fear make my decisions. I won't let fear prevent me from showing up for anything. I will push through the fear of failure.


All of us have been in the driver's seat of fear of failure.  Failure isn't a label that we have to wear the rest of our lives. Failing at anything doesn't change our identity. And it's that belief the prevents us from taking a risk. The belief that somehow, if we fail, our identity is marred or changed.


Let's get this straight--you are a fucking powerful being. No matter what. No failure will change that. Got it?


Who cares if you fail? It could mean a million things or it could mean nothing. But it most definitely does NOT mean you should freeze in place and refuse to keep moving.


So what do I choose to do?

Believe in the best possible outcome. About everything. Always.

So many women are afraid of failure that we STOP SHOWING UP. Whether it's a health goal or a professional goal or even improving an important relationship.

It's easier to be afraid than blast through that shit.

I say go for it. Stop being frozen. Keep showing up. THE WORLD NEEDS WHAT YOU HAVE. Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.

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