What's the Relationship Between Prayer and Manifestation?

What is manifestation?

I've been considering a lot about the intersection of prayer and manifestation lately. Much of the world considers that there are seemingly only two extremes. (1) Following strict religious protocol falling into a specific category of religion (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Etc) or (2) Being extremely spiritual, out there and woo woo--meditation, yoga, crystals, manifestation.

BUT, I have found there is certainly an intersection between the concepts of prayer and manifestation.

Let's take the concept of prayer. Most people, initially, on the surface pray for something they want. They pray for "it" because it is absent. Or because it hasn't shown up yet. Basically the same thing. We also pray to protect people and circumstances we are emotionally  invested in. But, are hear prayers out of fear or worry or another low vibration emotion? I wrote in my book, Becoming Unconsumed, about faith and fear not occupying the same space and we know that faith is having confidence in the outcome regardless of what we can "see" in our reality. This is where the concept of manifestation comes in.

Manifestation is a practice derived from one of the 12 Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction. Essentially it is "like attracts like." But the thing is, if we are praying for something to happen or thinking so hard about something happening, because we are so aware of the LACK of it, then we are projecting that LACK. The hitch is to operate from a place of ALREADY having that situation, thing, etc. Acting "as if" it has already come to pass.

Initially, this can be super tough to do. However, once you do it, you are in a more positive state or "vibration", and you begin to attract the outcome you seek. This is the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. When you are focused on how you feel when you already have that thing/situation/circumstance, the universe can't help but GIVE IT TO YOU. When you are focused on the lack or absence of that thing, you will be attracting more of its ABSENCE. So how can you act as if?

Here are a few simple steps, but more guidance will come in following articles :)

  1. Write down your desire. All details and very clear
  2. Envision the version of you that already has that thing. What are you wearing, what does that situation/day/circumstance look like? How do you feel?
  3. Put into action some steps towards getting that thing/goal/circumstance.
  4. Intentionally detach from the outcome

Trying to control the outcome is tricky and puts you back into that vibration of "lack".

More to come on the topics of Law of Attraction, Manifestation and the intersection with prayer.


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