Mindset Hack

Mindset Hack for today.😉

Choose to look for the positive. Over and over again. Day in and out. What you focus on expands and what you think about you bring about. (Seems simple enough, right?) I know it can be challenging, but daily practice can get it solid for you.

Whatever you're worrying or angry or upset (or other negative emotion) about is causing you stress, sadness, etc. When you recognize this, you must switch your thoughts! Think about something else. That is NOT to say "change your perspective about the topic that is worrying you." It is simply shift your focus to something ELSE, another topic completely. And that's the key. Doesn't it make sense that the thing with which you're worrying isn't going to get sorted out by pondering it over and over? You're going to stay in worry mode which is opposite of your natural state of joy. In order to get back there, you must choose your thoughts. You aren't going to get to peace and joy by ruminating over a worry and stress topic. You have to raise your positive vibration FIRST. To really impact your mindset you need to think about another topic altogether...Something that gives you happiness now or has given you happiness in the past. You can't get there (to a place of peace and joy) by staying here (ruminating over and over again about the thing with which you're concerned). The Universe is listening. It always gives you what you ask for. If you believe it will, and stop worrying about it.

Refocus your energy on positive aspects of people and things. When you focus on the positive, you immediately raise your vibration from the low place of worry, doubt, defeat, concern.

Stay in the Now, focus on the positive aspects and create your happy.


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