Where's Your Mindset At?

 <<This post might trigger you.>>


Lots of well-intentioned souls walk around, moping about, waiting for something to change so they can feel good.

And it's not our fault, right?

Society and social media have trained us to compare, compete, and control.

<<It takes truckloads of daily intention to shed that shit.>>

Believing external circumstances are responsible for your choice of peace and joy is a yucky feeling.

Waiting for a new job, a promotion, a vacation, a new car, a new relationship, a certain balance in the bank account, the weekend, date night, a pregnancy, a new home, (you get the point) all in the name of feeling good....These well-intentioned (but totally misinformed, actually) souls are seeking external circumstances to be different before they choose "yup, ok, now I can feel good."

I need to tell you that this way of thinking is a lie.

You are ALREADY powerful beyond measure. Right now.

Not when something is different but right freaking now.

You can choose positive right now, where you are at, today.

You can change your perspective about any situation, circumstance, etc.

A shift in your perspective changes the actual situation. Sit with that for a minute.

Your change in perspective actually changes the situation.

You can choose to find the positive or you can choose to continue to focus on the lack.

It's a choice!

And it's your choice.

That's how powerful you are.

I hear you doubting me, but I'm encouraging you to doubt your doubts.

Choose the next best-feeling thought.

Declare your worthiness to yourself.

Embrace your vulnerability.

Release the need to compare, control and compete.

Simply choose happy.


Just be.

Just feel good because you can. It's a choice. Choose the next best-feeling thought. (Yep, I said that twice.) Stop trying to control circumstances or conditions in others as an attempt to find that feel-good feeling. That's hard living.

Choose positive. Choose ease.

I believe in you!