[Topic excerpt from my next book, Master Your Happy]

Whose rules are you following? Often we make decisions about situations in our lives based on rules that have been ingrained in us from our upbringing, real-life experiences, societal judgments, or a combination of the three. We have rules that we set for ourselves around finances, work, relationships, and responding or reacting to any sort of circumstances. And do you know what I have discovered? That, often times, those rules make us do or say things that leave us feeling empty and disconnected from Source.

Following rules that others have set, ignoring what we know to be true, completely dishonors our soul. We don't have to believe other people's rules about anything. Rules about work/finances/relationships/life being hard, life being difficult

Here's an example: The unspoken rule that says we need to struggle painfully through what other's might perceive a situation to be instead of deciding to choose grace and love over anxiety and fear. Yes, we have struggles, but how we respond to them, how we choose to believe the "rules" that govern our individual perceptions, reactions, emotions, and lives is up to US. You and me. 


I refuse to let the good (and often well-intentioned) opinions and future-tripping of others impact my soul's confidence to glide through challenges with ease and grace. When we decide that things don't have to be hard, that we can choose ease, positivity, and love, life gets to be so good. Life gets to be easy. Next time you think it is hard, ask yourself, "who says so?"

Choose love over fear, be a love-finder, and rewrite any life rules you're carrying that feel like they were written by someone else for someone other than you. Do what feels good and choose happy.

I believe in you!






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