Falling back

You’ve done the Soul work and you know all you know. You know about release, forgiveness, trust, new beginnings. I mean you know it. You trust God / Source / the Universe. You really do. You feel amazing when you remind yourself of all you have learned about Universal truths. BUT you fall back into old patterns of behavior and belief. And you wonder why you do it.


Here’s why. 

Ego is not going to let you off the hook so easy. I know, you’re thinking so easy? Nothing about “this”  has been so easy. I get it. I know. But Ego is terrified that it is going to lose its job. Ego’s job is to protect you from the unknown. And often, the Soul knows you have to head into the unknown to fulfill its purpose. Ego doesn’t like this. It tries to use “gotcha” moments, petty arguments, and all sorts of internal reminders about why you shouldn’t forgive, release or trust anything other than it. These reminders of blame, distrust and more cloud up your clear mind. They distract you from your focus and trick you into thinking that maybe you haven’t done the Soul work you thought you did. But that’s all bullshit. You’ve done the work. You know. So what do you do with this Ego that is trying to wreck it all? You acknowledge it, process what it’s saying and let its message and deception go. For good. 



Your Soul knows there there is no safety in Ego. So you let it go. Here’s some practical steps to head in that direction. No matter where you are right now, I promise you — you can and will get there.

1. Journal it out. What are you feeling? Write it down. There’s no way around the pain, the Ego, the resistance. The only way is through. Get a journal out daily, acknowledge the resistance from Ego, write about what you want to feel instead (your Soul’s intentions) and let the resistance go.


2. Make a gratitude list right now. Of your strengths, of situations you have already overcome. Of little moments that have positively led you to this moment. The moment of reflection that shows you that you intend to choose Soul over Ego. 


3. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to choose joy and Soul over Ego! This is a big one! There’s a difference between validating your poor choices and encouraging your continued release of resistance/growth. Don’t delay your Soul’s growth with these kind of people. You know who the encouraging people are, choose them and choose wisely. Meaning — if you wouldn’t trade places with them, don’t take advice from them. You know who your people are. 


4. Give yourself grace and be gentle with your process. Your Ego has been running the show for years and it’s terrified that you’re going to be unsafe if you disregard its warnings to halt growth. Your Ego is going to continue to try and convince you once you continue the Soul work that “this situation” or “this person” will be the solution out of the pain and potential growth. Don’t listen to your Ego, Remember, you’ve got this. You can do it.


5. Continue to choose healthy practices for your body. More sleep, water, exercise, meditation and especially laughter. Less alcohol, drugs, people pleasing, and bad habits.  


You will rise with grace. 

I believe in you.