Choosing hope

At church service yesterday, the theme was hope. Not just the empty phrases of “hope you have a good day” or “hope everything works out.” And maybe those “hopes” we have for people are authentic and true. But, oftentimes, those phrases ring empty and are overused. The hope that was discussed yesterday was the real deal. Having faith in God that everything is working out as it should, that’s the real definition of hope. Faith is the assurance of things unseen, so wouldn’t hope then be the implementation of that type of faith?

All this got me thinking about toxic positivity. You know what I’m talking about — the whole extreme mindset of “everything is going to be fine”, the type of positivity that renders fake smiles and leaves no room for authenticity or feelings that are “less than positive”. Toxic positivity is dangerous. That’s not the type of hope I’m taking about here.

I’m encouraging myself and you to have hope that comes from faith in something bigger than ourselves leaves space for authenticity + vulnerability. It holds space for real emotions and acceptance of outcomes.

I began thinking about one of my favorite Bible verses (didn’t you know I have a million😉) . In the book of Ezekiel (verse here) , we read about cities that were “laying in ruin” being rebuilt. They would “become like the garden of Eden”, and “the Lord will do it.”

Think for a second. What circumstance in your life seems “in ruin”. Physical health, relationships, finances, professional? It could be anything on your heart right now. This verse and many like it, show us clearly the HOPE we can have when we put our faith in the unseen outcome. When we hold space for hope and a positive outcome. To put fear aside and embrace hope in all circumstances.

This requires the courage to be vulnerable. To rip your heart wide open and say, “ok I’m willing to hold space for hope, even in the face of uncertainty.” You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To me it doesn’t matter if you put your faith in God/Source/the Universe. Your beliefs are yours. I just want to encourage you to have a belief, a HOPE, in something bigger than you or your circumstances. Having that hope opens you to more courage + love + joy:

Embrace hope - be willing to be brave and remember that you are never alone.

All my love + belief,