The Unbusy Me Monthly Membership is for the woman who wants to cultivate + sustain a daily Spiritual Practice.

Being spiritual and remaining grounded are two of the biggest and best ways to live a joy-filled and unhurried life. The problem is that as a busy woman who might also wear the roles of Wife, Mom, Professional, we get stuck and our Spiritual Practice is often the first thing to go off our list.

The Unbusy Me Monthly Membership will give you:

  • Practical tools and strategies for even the busiest of Mamas to implement and sustain a Spiritual Practice once and for all.
  • A monthly topic to anchor your daily Spiritual Practice
  • Five devotionals each week
  • A monthly guided meditation video focused on the topic of the month. 
  • Weekly articles on Momming, Marriage, Business & Life -- all from the heart of the monthly topic and relating to topics of previous weeks.
  • Private Facebook Community for Members only.
  • a Monthly live call based on our monthly topic.
  • Renewed confidence in your ability to maintain a powerful Spiritual Practice.

This Membership is for women who:

  • yearn for consistency in a daily Spiritual Practice that fuels their day.
  • are too busy to create a Practice + maintain it on your own.
  • love community around content that matters.
  • want balance at home.
  • desire more patience with all that life throws at you.
  • want to shed the guilt, worry and anxiety about your most important relationships and people.
  • crave improved relationships with those closest to you.

I am so excited to have you on this journey with me. Cultivating and maintaining my personal Spiritual Practice has been one of the most rewarding and grounding experiences of my life. Creating the community around my Practice and supporting other women has been even more rewarding. Check out the testimonials from a few of those women below.